Overseas Education Expo 2017

Overseas Education Expo  2017

April 05, 2017

Office of Career Services (OCS) in collaboration with Institutional Linkages (Foreign)-UMT and ABN Overseas Education organized the “Overseas Education Fair 2017” at UMT Main Campus Lahore from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

Dr. Walther Swazhenegher, International Director for Science in the School of Physics, University of Bristol, UK, Mr. Shahid, MD, ABN Overseas Education, Mr. Asad-ur-Rehman- Director Institutional Linkages (Foreign), Mr. Khalid Naqi, Director Career Services, UMT, Mr. Saleem Ata-Controller Examinations, Mr. Ali Nasir, Head OPA, Mr. Haseeb Haider, Manager Examinations UMT and OCS team inaugurated the Overseas Education Expo organized by OCS.

During the event, in order to strengthen the relations and lessen the gap between the local and foreign education requirements, a detailed session between Department of Physics, SSC, UMT and Dr. Walther was held. This session expounded upon the initiatives to promote Physics in the global world by setting up linkages between international universities and various schools and colleges in Pakistan. He explained that he believes “World will be a better place with more Physicists” therefore by initiating online tutoring sessions in the field of Physics from the undergraduates from the international universities to Pakistani students will increase the understanding of Physics between the two groups. Dr. Walther also had a fruitful discussion of mutual interest with Dean SSC, CoD Department of Physics, faculty, and participants for future international collaborations. In the end, Dr. Walther thanked UMT for inviting him and given the opportunity to meet the faculty and participants.

World Class Universities including, Queen Mary University of London, University of Hull, University of Bristol, University of Surrey, University of Manitoba, University of Leicester, Charles Sturt University, Marshall University, Coventry University, University of South Florida, Curtin University, University of Hertfordshire, UMASS, University of Deakin etc. from all across the globe including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Malaysia, China and Turkey participated in this Overseas Education Expo. They offered scholarships and flagship programs in multiple disciplines such as Business, IT, Science, Aviation, Engineering, Psychology and many others. The diverse and dynamic group of professional consultants and career counselors provided in-depth insight and practical guidelines to UMT participants for securing scholarships even before their degree completion.

Overseas Education Fair offered a unique opportunity for participants to know more about quality overseas education and choose the best suitable programs and institutions. It enabled reputed overseas universities to showcase their niche courses and specializations. It also provided a common platform for international eminent educationists and other stakeholders in the education realm to network and gain valuable insights from each other.

More than 800 UMT Participants from all the disciplines directly interacted with authorized admission’s officers and international staff and cleared up their queries and gained accurate advice and information about study opportunities, application fee waivers, bank loans and scholarships assistance in various countries and institutions around the globe. Participants gained valuable insights from the event and found it very informative and worthwhile.

In the closing ceremony, Mr. Saleem Ata-Controller Examinations UMT, Mr. Khalid Naqi-Director Office of Career Services-UMT and Mr. Haris-Branch Manager, ABN Overseas Education presented the souvenirs to the representatives of all the overseas universities Certificates of participation were also distributed among all the OCS Ushers who actively participated in organizing the Mega Overseas Education Expo 2017. On behalf of UMT and OCS, Mr. Aqeel Baloch-Manager Office of Career Services gave the Vote of Thanks to all the participating institutions.


In addition to the this, to facilitate UMT family and to make awareness about this event, awareness stalls were also displayed in SEN building, Central and North side of UMT main building on April 3 & 4, 2017 from 10.00 am till 3.00 pm. The primary goal of this event was to bring together all the stakeholders under one roof in an open dialogue to discuss the issues faced by UMT Participants for overseas education, enable participants to compete successfully at the top universities in the world and assist them about admissions and career choices. The event ended with great success.