Azadi Festival


Azadi Festival ’18 took place on the 14th August 2018. An event that was organized by the Office of Participant Affairs in collaboration with the Office of Career Services (OCS) and other auxiliary bodies which helped in making the event possible. The event’s scale was far beyond what, University of Management and Technology, has previously hosted. The event catered to a dynamic audience -inclusive of adults, teenagers and children, and the statistical figure of the event exceeds a huge number of 4000 people, who become patrons to it. With some reverend figures as guests, namely Mansoor Ali Khan, Huzair Awan etc the event was embellished with greatness.

The nature of the event was very vividly broad. The featured acts and skits were amazingly organized and executed to near perfection. The crowd was always on edge with something exciting going on around the entire vicinity. There was something for everyone. For kids there was a designated play area and a separate stage where the inspiring students of The Knowledge School performed small skits that portrayed the sentiments of nationalism and gratitude towards the nation; additionally how Pakistan, as a land we are native to, should be cherished. While on the other hand it had enigmatic and rush inducing performances by the likes of Zero Voltage, a band that really shook the audience with the raw power of their enthralling music. From sufi kalam by Maham Jameel and Shahmir giving audience a spiritual experience, to national songs performed by Ali Afridi, inciting the patriotic flare in each individual. Additionally with motivating addresses by Director University of Management and Technology, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, and other important figures, the event was comprehensive in it's entirety.

Apart from the entertainment factor, more the 30 different food chains set up their stalls for the event. Enticing the taste buds of the huge crowd and playing around with their senses with unique flavours and aromas. Many visitors took upon the vast variety of flavours the event had to offer. With specific sessions from Honest Intl and Beverly Hills, the event was fairly productive in nature.

The cherry on the top of an amazing event was the display of fireworks. A moment of extreme brilliance that left everyone in the ambit of university still in time, in a trance, in an awe of filled with exuberance, a spectacle surely with a splendour beyond the ordinary.



UMT Azadi Festival was diligently organized with the core hardcore passion of OCS and OPA at UMT. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. Thousands of students and their families, faculty members, alumni’s and the general public were welcomed with huge posters denoting the “Azadi Festival – 14th August 2017”, to create opportunities to experience, celebrate and explore the diversity of Pakistan’s culture through performances and arts.

The festival opened with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the national anthem of Pakistan along with extraordinary speeches by Chairman ILM Trust, Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad and Rector UMT, Dr. Mohammad Aslam. Jumping castle, face painting, slides, scavenger’s hunt and 15 plus different competitions were organized to engage the kids at the festival. Puppet show, comedy skits, and magic tricks amused the crowd throughout the event.

Fifty (50) plus food stalls were placed that entertained the visitors with delicious food and beverage items. The different instruments like violin, tabla, and keyboard succeeded one another until they ultimately all entered in unison enchanting Pakistan National Songs. The live performance of Riff the band filled the air with moral and patriotic messages, the theatre had the students chanting and waving national flags. The 20 minutes of non-stop fireworks extravaganza was bigger and better than ever. The best evening of the year so far.

At the end of the event, UMT Director and Azadi Festival Chief Organizer Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that UMT is intended to infuse a sense of national pride and patriotism in students. He said the UMT would continue working for the development of the country.

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Post Event:

Azadi Festival celebrated on 14th of August in UMT Campus, catering mass audience across Pakistan. The post-event was celebrated by distributing certificates to the ushers, marshals, support offices of UMT and all others who assisted to make this event successful. Peter Guo (Regional General Manager - VIVO Pakistan) was invited as a Guest of Honor to distribute the certificate, making it a memorable event.

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