Industry Advisory Board

    IAB - Formulation for School of Systems and Technology ( SST ) 


   IAB - Formulation for Industrial Engineering ( SEN )                                                                                                                

“Industrial Advisory Board”


Industrial advisory board is a platform where industrial representatives are encouraged to come forward to advice on strategic areas of curriculum development, research and advisory work.

A continuous involvement and feedback of the industrial stake holders is very crucial so that to help the institution to update the curriculum and related practices in the prospective graduates as per trends and developments from industry perspective.

It will be lively forum where the academicians and industrial partners sit together to review and highlight the shortcomings in the program by their feedback so that to meet the growing industrial pressure and outcomes- Considered as “Voice of industry”

Work scope / Benefits:

  • To increase the awareness and knowledge of the industry
  • Increasing the engagement of particular domain in the industry
  • To support in students’ job placement and internships in the industry
  • Supporting the professional development and career growth of industry members
  • To ensure that current programs are relevant to current and future needs of industry
  • To identify opportunities for industry collaboration and commercialization of academic body
  • To help in road map adjustment according to industry trends and developments
  • To help in research projects

Why we need to establish IAB:

  • Curriculum and roadmap adjustments
  • Feedback of industrial stakeholders
  • Industrial Final Year Projects for students.
  • Industrial recreational visits
  • HEC Requirement: Competency Bases Education / Industrial Advisory Board

Value Addition:

  • Help in improving Accreditations
  • Uplift of Schools’ image
  • Add points in QS ranking of the university
  • To advance involvement and collaboration between students, faculty, and IAB members

Initial Schools to work with:

  1. School of Systems and Technology – SST
  2. School of Business and Economics – SBE
  3. School of Engineering – SEN

Strength of IAB in each School:

As per research, it is found that IAB should consist minimum of 3 Top Advisors from Industry or there is a maximum of 6 panelist is suggested from our end.


  • Elective course can be assigned to an IAB member (providing real-world assessment of coursework)
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration – SBE/SEN/SST (courses should be introduced, which covers all three domains instead of one particular school)