Corporate Liaison

University-industry linkage is considered a major collaborative effort on the part of academia and industry, sharing their knowledge, skills, and resources to accomplish mutually compatible goals of research, innovation, and commercialization.

The core of the core is to create maximum opportunities for UMT participants and alumni. To bring industry on board and bridge the gap between Academia and Industry.

  • Relationship Development
  • Promoting the UMT brand and its initiatives
  • Promote UMT Students in Industry
  • Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia Linkages

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the strategy is as follows:

  • Create awareness through calls, emails, and letters
  • Engagement with the industry by paying them visits and meetings
  • Dig out the mutual benefits
  • Finalize the partnership through signing an MoU, employers’ portal registration, and ultimately the placements of the UMT participant.

Some of the Collaboration Potentials are:

  • Industry Advisory Board - IAB
  • Industry-Academia Linkages
  • Access to Employer Portal
  • UMT COOP Education Program
  • Recruitment Drives/ Induction Sessions/Mock Interviews
  • HR Summits (HR Leaders Group)
  • UMT Consulting
  • Career Development Sessions
  • Mega Career Fair
  • I.C.D.F (An Innovation Capital Development Forum)