Year 2020

Style Textile

March 04, 2020

Style Textile conducted recruitment session targeting Management Trainee Officer fresh graduates and also students who were going to graduate in June 2020. Style Textile started off with a brief introduction of their organization along with their team members. The organization targeted BBA /MBA, MHRM, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Engineers, MS Applied Statistics, BS /MS Maths, BS/MS Computer Sciences & IT, BS Software Engineering graduates.
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National Foods

February 18, 2020

National Foods Pvt Ltd conducted an induction session along with a session of mock interviews and CV assessment session for the positions of Trailblazer and Internships. They targeted fresh and experienced graduates from Food Engineering (Nutrition Science & Food Technology), Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial & Electrical), and Management Sciences (Finance, Economics, Supply Chain, Marketing, HR and Business Management). The induction session included all aspects of how National Foods can be a better employer and also how can a graduate opt for such a smooth and short career path. They also performed a short quiz competition on it and distributed few gifts to the attendees. During the 90 minutes of the assessment, representatives from National Foods offered on spot position to one of our graduates from Industrial Engineering. Meanwhile, their online Trailblazer game for hiring is live for registered students.
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Faysal Bank

February 11, 2020

Faysal Bank conducted a detailed induction session along with written test and interviews for the position of Trainee Branch Services Officer. They required business fresh graduates with a specialization in accounting and finance to participate in this activity and fill the vacant positions.
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Cotton Web

February 07, 2020

Cotton Web conducted a detailed induction session and recruitment test for the position of Management Trainee Officers (MTO) from business, IT, sciences and engineering disciplines including Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Industrial Engineering, Textile Engineering, and Chemistry. The test comprised of MCQs and logical reasoning statements to assess the best out of the candidate. Their prior focus was on targeting fresh graduates so they can get hired as paid MTO after completion of their study.
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