Career Fair 2019

Higher Talent

December 19, 2019

The Office of Corporate Linkages and Placements (OCLP) at the University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore, organized Annual Mega Entry Career Fair 2019UMT Career Fair MMXIX, under the theme ‘Higher Talent’ sponsored by ABN Overseas Education, Hardees, Nawab’s Marquee, Tasteland, Lotte Akhtar Beverages (Pvt) Ltd, Uber, Level 2, Diners, Cotton Web, Burger Mart, ESR, Papa Johns, Car Care, Al – Barakah, Car Care, Bio-Amla. Following the trend we set last year and keeping in view the current scenario of Disruptive Innovation and the increasing significance of Startups and Entrepreneurship, this Mega Annual Career Fair not only brought 80+ organizations comprising of; MNCs, local and SME, local and foreign institutes, renowned consultancies, but also some top Incubation Centers of Pakistan including, Plan9 – PITB, and E-Rozgaar, PITB whereby the UMT participants were provided with the best of the best platforms to facilitate them in their startups and encouraged entrepreneurship among UMT participants. Other participating organizations list including top-notch organizations Stall Representative 1Samsons Group, Cure Md, Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Slashnext Pvt. Limited, People Inbox, Appsgenii Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Stewart Pakistan Pvt Ltd, Emirates Logistics, Mizo Studio (Game Development Company), Tkxel, Al Baraka Bank, Ibex, E-Rozgaar, Punjab Information Technology Board, Plan9, Innovative Pvt. Ltd, Chughtai Lab, Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited, Ccl Pharmaceuticals (Pvt), Ltd, The Game Storm Studios Pvt Ltd, Jolta Electric, Kohinoor Mills Ltd, Src Pvt Ltd, Netsol Technologies, Akhuwat, The Citizens Foundation, Care Foundation, Afaq, University Of Hertfordshire and many more under one roof had set up their recruitment stalls. A large number of fresh & experienced candidates visited the Career Fair 2019 from universities across Lahore, to network and exchange their data with the recruiters and some even got interviewed on spot. 

Scouts March - Start Stall Representative 2 Chief Guest Souvenir

In order to provide entrepreneurial orientation to the students and visitors from all over Pakistan, 30+ food and commercial stalls were also exhibited during the event under “Food & Grand Shopping Gala”; these stalls not only entertained the visitors with delicious food but also inspired students with creative ideas and instigated them to become entrepreneurs.

Inauguration Career Fair 2019Rai Taimoor Khan Bhatti (Minister for Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology and Tourism Punjab) along with Mr. Ibrahim Murad (President ILM Trust, President UMT), Khalid Naqi (Director Corporate Linkages and Placements - OCLP), Raheel Iqbal (CEO, Game Storm Studio), Sharjeel Khan Lashari (CEO, Quantum Intelligence) and other senior faculty and staff members of UMT inaugurated the career fair.

A special performance on the National Anthem of Pakistan was presented by the talented students from Disability Resource Center – UMT which was encouraged and thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees. By participating in the Brand Walk conducted by OCLP, UMT participants showcased their positive attitude along with sheer confidence clearly telling the world of work that they are ready to take onto any challenge that comes in their way. Furthermore, UMT Dramatics Club presented a very thoughtfully designed Edutainment based Career Studio whereby students were made aware about the importance of informed career decisions specifically in the emerging landscape of world of work to emerge as a winner.

Disability Resource Center - National Anthem Director OCLP Welcome Speech Host Speech Dramatic Club Performance Symphony Club Performance Brand Walk

A Fireside chat was also conducted on at UMT Mega Career Fair – 2019 whereby Panelists from the industry including, Mr. Raheel Iqbal (CEO, Game Storm Studio), Fireside Chat Mr. Sharjeel Khan Lashari (CEO, Quantum Intelligence) and Mr. Imran – ur Rehman (Country Human Resources Lead, Bayer Pakistan – Crop Science, Monsanto Pakistan Pvt Ltd) were invited to shed light on the need for “Passionate Productivity Partners” in the emerging realm. The Panelists also discussed the expectations of the industry from the fresh graduates. Mr. Khalid Naqi (Director Corporate Linkages and Placements - OCLP) moderated the Fireside Chat.

During the Career Fair, OCLP signed MoUs with nine (09) organizations including, ESR, Medley Car Care, Papa John’s – Pakistan , Car Helpline, Burger Mart, Al Barakah Mandi and Lebanese Restaurant, Cravea, Fast Food Cafe and Restaurant, Diners - Pakistan, Street Machine which offered different discounts and other offers to UMT Family.

At the end, Sannan Ahmad (Lead – Business Development and Project Lead – Career Fair MMXIX) along with OCLP team thanked the participating organizations, and distributed certificates and souvenirs to appreciate the organizations’ commitment and contribution towards the betterment of Pakistan’s economy and helping the next generation to be market ready, to face the trends and challenges with confidence.

Cake Cutting Souvenir Distribution Fireside Chat 2 Stall Representative 3 Stall Representative 4 Thank You Speech