Intro to Career Toolkit

Developing Career Plan

Career development is an ongoing process consisting of a continuum of stages or components including:

  • Assessing Self

          Identifying your interests, skills, abilities, values, goals, and personal qualities, particularly as they
          relate to the world of work.

  • Exploring Career and Educational Options

         Increasing your awareness of options by reading career literature, talking with professionals,
         visiting those involved in the field and researching educational options (majors, course work,
         graduate and professional study, and additional training).

  • Making Decisions and Setting Goals

          Making choices to pursue your interests and opportunities in certain areas; securing an
          internship, cooperative education position, part time job, or volunteer experience in a field of
          your interest; and conducting informational interviews.

  • Taking Action

          Putting your decisions into action, conducting an effective job search, and finding employment.

  • Adjusting and Evaluating

          Assessing the transition and formulating new plans; constantly evaluating your choices and
          continuing the career development process.