Faculty Secondment Program (FSP)

Faculty Secondment Program (FSP) is a unique initiative to bridge the Industry-Academia-Linkages. The objective of this program is to engage faculty to develop professional and working relationships with the industry by observing and studying their business practices, latest trends, with a view to minimize the gap between theory and practice.

We have multidisciplinary faculty at UMT and we engage selected numbers with the industry for 2 to 3 weeks in the month of August every year. We believe that academia and industry, together, can make a difference in creating the best workforce aligned with industry expectations.

 How the program benefits the Industry?

  • Take advantage of our faculty expertise 
  • To brainstorm innovative ideas for the betterment of your organization 
  • Relationship development in facilitating Industry-Academia linkages

Schools and institutes at UMT provide a concentrated approach to education and learning, allowing scholars to pursue their interests in a dedicated environment that emphasizes success in every field.

To view schools and disciplines or domains of your interest for FSP (Faculty Secondment Program), please visit the following link:  



 UMT faculty talks about FSP:

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